Cogent3D, Inc. Mobile Farming Apps 2015-12-23T15:57:53Z cogentd1 <![CDATA[USDA / NRCS Mobile Contract]]> 2013-05-16T15:49:03Z 2013-05-16T00:07:54Z Cogent3D, Inc. has been awarded a contract to assist USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service to re-engineer their mobile workforce with a new Mobile Conservation Planner App using iCropTrak to allow NRCS staff to spend more time with client collaboration and conservation efforts in the field.

The Natural Resources Conservations Service is re-engineering their core client facing business processes. The contract is to identify improvements to their current application systems to improve work quality and consistency, reduce program cycle times and improve the effectiveness of the agency by allowing it to “get more conservation on the ground.”

To achieve these goals, NRCS will re-engineer the planning and programmatic data, reduce redundancy in planning tools and data entry, segregate planning and financial functions, streamline current workflows to free up resources and make new tools that are easier to learn and operate for the conservation agents.

iCropTrak was chosen for the new Mobile Conservation Planner portion of these efforts because it can help NRCS achieve these goals as well as help:

  • Redefine “work” as an activity, not a “location”.
  • Enhance collaboration between workers and leadership.
  • Provide information in-hand and on-demand everywhere.
  • Reduce time spent travelling and commuting.
  • Improve customer satisfaction thru increased customer accessibility and accelerated service delivery.

iCropTrak is a user customizable mobile application designed for in-field farming applications including field boundary management, scouting, sampling, documenting and tracking farming operations.  All this power is easy-to-learn and easy-to-operate by design, so you can spend more time farming and less time managing your data. Unique to this technology is the ability for the software to be customized per field-user based on a number of variables including their roles and permissions in the organization and based on personal preferences like language. iCropTrak comes with Amazon cloud support for centralized data and user management, reporting and collaboration.

Cogent3D, Inc. is teamed with Analytical Consulting Group, LLC and C3 Federal Systems Corporation for the multiple year program.

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cogentd1 <![CDATA[MapShots Teams With Cogent3D]]> 2012-07-25T12:47:35Z 2012-07-24T10:52:36Z

MapShots, Inc. Introduces Mobile Application Platform – Co-developed with Cogent3D

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, July 16, 2012 – MapShots, Inc. has introduced MapShots AgStudio® Mobile Application Platform, to be known as AgStudio® MAP. Co-developed with Cogent3D, AgStudio MAP is designed for use with the iOS operating system. AgStudio MAP currently is optimized for mapping field boundaries and recording data associated with precision ag soil sampling programs.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with MapShots AgStudio precision agronomy application, AgStudio MAP wirelessly transmits soil sample work order information and completed job files. AgStudio MAP significantly increases the efficiency of precision soil sampling workflows.

“MapShots has wanted to provide our customers with a more efficient application for their field mapping and soil sampling needs”, says Ted Macy, MapShots Vice President of Operation. “MapShots is very fortunate to be cooperating with Cogent3D in the development of AgStudio MAP. AgStudio MAP users will be reminded of the successful FieldLINK, a DOS-based mapping and soil sampling application, which set the standard for soil sampling software 19 years ago.”

AgStudio MAP will be available for download and purchase via the Apple® App StoreSM.

MapShots, Inc., headquartered in Cumming, GA, is an agricultural software development company, with a controlling interest owned by DuPont Pioneer. MapShots provides precision agronomy software applications for crop input suppliers, crop consultants, seed dealers and farmers. For more information, visit

Cogent3D, Inc. is a privately held business headquartered in Tucson, AZ. Cogent3D develops iOS-enabled GIS applications including iCropTrak, PrecisionEarth, and GISRoam. For additional information, visit or email

cogentd1 <![CDATA[Cogent3D ASQ Judge]]> 2012-07-25T12:47:35Z 2012-05-20T19:23:06Z Cogent3D, Inc. of  Tucson, AZ is proud to announce for the second year we have been selected to judge at the ASQ 2012 International Team Excellence Award in Anaheim, CA (May 2012).

Cogent3D will be part of the team to review and judge the team finalists as they demonstrate real-life applications of quality tools, and teamwork to improve quality, customer/stakeholder satisfaction, and the financial bottom line.

It is a great honor for a small company such as Cogent3D to be selected to judge the continuous improvement process submissions of many of the world’s largest corporations and be seen as an expert in the field of continuous improvement.

Being a judge speaks highly of our companies unique capabilities which are reflected in our award winning mobile iOS products such as iCropTrak.

To read more about the award and participants here:

To know more about Cogent3D, contact one of our team members at


cogentd1 <![CDATA[World Ag Expo 2012 – Top 10]]> 2012-07-25T12:47:35Z 2012-03-18T20:47:56Z Cogent3D partner Scan Control wins Top 10 Innovative Product award from World AG Expo using Cogent3D technology iCropTrak.

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